Since the age of 13 I have been persuing photography as my living and over the years since then have branched into many genres but have gravitated towards art of shooting film, where I started working out of my shed darkroom and slowly branched into developing all of my own Colour and Black and white film. In 2016 during my two years I spent at Canterbury College I first attended London Fashion Week where I started just strolling around taking portraits on my old Mamiya RB67 trying to blag some work for college, this developed into a passion of mine and I have attended nearly every season since shooting a variety from backstage and catwalk to setting up a portable studio ouside of the venue where I endedn up shooting Kate Nash.

Since graduating from Canterbury College in 2018 I have been based at Middlesex University in london where I have been shooting the rock band the Black Tree Vultures playing their various gigs across the country where I have shot it all on some 1970s nikons.
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