About me:
I started taking photography seriously in about 2014 when I picked up the old DSLR my parents gave me for stop motion animation and took it to london after showing it to the photography teacher who ran the schools animation club I ditched animation completely and focused on photography and it all kicked off from there!Since then I have picked up analogue photography and have set up my own darkroom where I carry out film processing and wet printing processes using a traditional black and white process. 

Outside of college where I am currently studying a level 3 UAL course in photography I undertake professional work covering events and have shot events for clients such as The Royal Chartered Insitute of Insurers as well as smaller personal events such as engagement parties. I have also had work experience in studio photography with Trevor Leighton and Interiors with ASA photo services. 

If you would like to inquire about any of my services get in touch with me via the form below or via the contact page:

Thank you!
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