MARS - Maths Art Religion Science

This is a collection of work created under the MARS project which was an ongoing college project running from November 2016 - February 2017 and within it I explored multiple themes in context to research done in all aspects of the subject. Here is a compilation of some of my work that was produced during this time period with explanations and descriptions. 

This image was from a short 20 minute studio slot we were given after being inducted into the studio. I knew I wanted to produce some portraits based on religion and the idea came after wondering if I could somehow superimpose religious symbols in the eyes. This led me to looking up catch light manipulation and using cut stencils in the shape of a cross to create this image. Lighting was done with a large soft-box about a foot from the subjects face with the cross stencil in front and a reflector directed onto the black backdrop. It was converted to BW in post and I removed the Logo from the subjects Hat.
This image was a further shoot on religion which was conducted in St Mildred's church in Tenterden with the Vicar Lindsay who was kind enough to pose for some portraits. This was in image I knew I wanted to capture before i even arrived on location and was done with a single speedlight bounced off the ceiling and a 50mm lens at f/8. In post I converted to BW and then used Silver FX to apply the light toning and frame.
I have yet to produce a final piece for the project so this space will be updated once I have come to a conclusion and shot it.

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